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“I didn’t think I’d be able to practice medicine again four years ago when I started in this program.  The fact that I am practicing in my subspecialty, being able to teach, and being asked to lead the department is truly something that I didn’t think would happen.” 

"It is going well.  No issues and I am still happy with how things have turned out for me.  I now look forward to the challenges ahead rather than fear the future and the unknown.  I’m very grateful for that peace of mind."

"I believe that I am a different person (totally different person) than when I entered the IPHP program and started attending AA meetings, and that this is a very good change. My work, my life, my family, my patients and most importantly, myself have all benefited through this process. Thank you"

"Overall, things are going very well and I couldn't have asked to be put in a better situation two years ago when my career was seemingly over. While it is easy to look back and regret the decisions I made, I have also realized that things could have been much worse had not certain events led me to the IPHP. I have a much better perspective, attitude, and outlook on things that I don't think I would have ever gained in any other way."

"I feel very fortunate as I reflect on my recovery today. I have been able to work with very talented professionals that have guided me to a better life. Thanks to their efforts, and my own willingness to do what they have suggested, I have realized a transformation that I never would have imagined possible. I have seen things I've needed to see, heard things I've needed to hear, and felt things I've needed to feel. All this has resulted in my being able to look at life and myself in a different way. I recognize and remember where I came from, the work it took to get me where I am today, and what it will take to keep my recovery strong and progressive for the future. I am a sober individual, in recovery, able to do what God has in store for me."

"Doing great!" The last five years have been the best years of my life. I am truly grateful to be in active recovery. A sincere thank you to IPHP for all the help and guidance."

"Thank you very much for your help getting (this participant) back to his potential!"

"(This participant) is a much better, different physician than before the program started. Thank you."