Iowa Physician Health Program

Being a physician can be a mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing job. The Iowa Physician Health Program (IPHP) provides a safe place for physicians to get the assistance and support they need for mental health conditions, physical health conditions, and substance use disorders that could impact their ability to safely practice medicine.

The Iowa Board of Medicine created the IPHP in 1996. The Board recognizes physicians are not immune to health conditions and supports physicians seeking help before their condition impairs their ability to practice medicine. 

When you self-report and seek help from us, your situation and any assessments or treatments received are completely confidential, allowing you to get the help you need. We’ll work with you to address your health issues by coordinating with providers to determine what services are needed to ensure you’re safe to practice medicine. 

Assistance For Physical, Mental, and Substance Use Issues

According to JAMA, at least one-third of physicians will experience a condition that impairs their ability to practice at some point in their career. When that happens, the IPHP is here to help. We assist physicians struggling with conditions ranging from mental illnesses, disruptive behaviors, and alcohol and drug dependencies to physical conditions that are making it difficult to practice medicine.

Learn About The Process

We work with physicians who self-report a problem, providers who treat physicians, and employers who have a concern about an employee’s wellbeing. Learn more about the process you will follow using the links below.

Locate a Nearby Support Group

Interested in attending a support group where you can connect with individuals that share your personal conditions or experiences? We have collected a list of support groups in the area; browse the list and view dates and times if you’re interested in attending one.

IPHP Participant

"Every aspect of life: family, job, friends are all extremely positive. What I have learned about myself through this process has been life changing and I would not change it for anything in the world. I am unconditionally grateful."

IPHP Participant

"Although I never sought out to be in this position, I am glad I am here now. I needed help and this program is doing that. I said it before, but I know that this program probably saved my life."

IPHP Participant

"I simply cannot thank everyone enough for their dedication, caring attitude, and willingness to help out a man who was at his lowest point in life 3 years ago. At that time I really couldn't see a light ahead. Over the last 3 years that has changed dramatically and it is directly due to this program and the staff's willingness to be involved in my life and to really care about me. I felt welcomed immediately and could tell that this wasn't a 'punishment,' but instead was a group of people who simply wanted the best for me and for me to be healthy and happy. I owe the IPHP more than I can ever repay. Just know that the IPHP has truly saved a life."

IPHP Participant

"I wish I had not ever got to the point where I had to self-report, but I now know this was a blessing in disguise. My life is much changed because of this program, for the better, and I want it to continue."