About the IPHC

The Iowa Physician Health Committee (IPHC) is responsible for assisting and monitoring the recovery, rehabilitation, or maintenance of licensees who self-report impairments or are referred by the Board pursuant to 653—14.11(272C). As necessary, the IPHC notifies the Board in the event of noncompliance with contract provisions. The IPHC is both an advocate for licensees’ health and a means to protect the health and safety of the public; this committee also provides input on policy and procedures for the IPHP.

Iowa Administrative Code section 653, chapter 14 defines the composition of the committee and its purpose. The IPHC is required to have members with the following qualifications:

  • Psychiatrist;
  • Physician who has successfully participated in the IPHP;
  • Practitioner with expertise in the area of substance abuse and addiction treatment;
  • Public member;
  • Medical director of the Iowa Board of Medicine or the executive director.

Committee members are appointed by the Iowa Board of Medicine and serve three-year terms. Members can be appointed to a maximum of three terms. 

IPHC Meeting Schedule 

The IPHC meets in-person four times a year. Meetings are held at the Iowa Board of Medicine, which is where the IPHP is located.



  • February 23
  • May 11
  • August 24
  • November 9


IPHC Meeting Agendas 

Below are the most recent meeting agendas: